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Consciousness and Cognition 12, 4 (2003) 495-509
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Thinking of oneself as the same
Joëlle Proust1

What is a person, and how can a person come to know that she is a person identical to herself over time ? The article defends the view that the sense of being oneself in this sense consists in the ability to consciously affect oneself : in the memory of having affected oneself, joint to the consciousness of being able to affect oneself again. In other words, being a self requires a capacity for metacognition (control and monitoring of one's own internal states). This view is compatible with the hypothesis that the self is a dynamic representation emerging out of a higher level control system, - valuation control - whose articulation with control of plans and perceptual/motor control is discussed in the context of normal and pertrubed agency .
1:  IJN - Institut Jean-Nicod
Humanities and Social Sciences/Philosophy/Philosophy of Action

Humanities and Social Sciences/Philosophy/Philosophy of Mind
Self – action – personal identity – metacognition – control

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