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Erkenntnis 51, 1 (1999) 41-58
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Mind, Space and Objectivity in non-human animals
Joëlle Proust1

This article is a summary of two chapters of a book published in French in 1997, entitled Comment L'esprit vient aux Bêtes, Paris, Gallimard. The core idea is that the crucial distinction between internal and external states, often used uncritically by theorists of intentionality, needs to be made on a non-circular basis. The proposal is that objectivity - the capacity to reidentify individuals as the same across places and times depends on the capacity to extract spatial crossmodal invariants, which in turn presupposes a capacity to (re)calibrate perceptual inputs across modalities in a principled way.
1:  IJN - Institut Jean-Nicod
Humanities and Social Sciences/Philosophy/Philosophy of Mind

Cognitive Science/Ethology and comparative psychology

Cognitive Science/Cognitive Psychology
intentionality – reference – calibration – equilocality

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