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, Acknowledgments The crew of Albatros, and her captain and second, for countless and priceless teachings, Tania Gianesin of Fondazione Lettera

, / Moleskine Foundation for having set this process in motion

, Sergio Giudici of Università di Pisa for practical and theoretical advice on navigation

D. Fabio, Andrea of Ecole Normale for advice on climate, winds and currents in the North Atlantic

, Paolo Biagini for the case of the sextant

N. Beatrice, Anni and Lise for patiently waiting my homecoming; Nicolas Verdier, Marcella Schmidt di Friedberg, Marie-Ozouf Marigner, students at EHESS, and colleagues at the Italian Academy for comments on a previous version of the report. The late Vittorio Girotto for so much inspiration